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A end-of-the-year wrap-up

Hello all,

it’s been a while since my last entry, I know. Reason being is that there was simply nothing to write about. I haven’t been flying since I came back from Florida in early September. I was studying for the remaining six ATPL exams all the time and didn’t really do anything else (nothing aviation related anyway).
The last two weeks I attended the classroom lessons that are part of the distance learing course I’m doing. Now I have a few more weeks before the exams to brush up my knowledge.

After the exams in January there should be more stuff to write about as I will conduct the final flight training required for the FAA to JAR conversion. And once I have my license it hopefully won’t take too long until I find a job. And then there will certainly be more posts here.

Meanwhile you can watch this video that I made of clips that I’ve taken during my SES training last year and during my Beaver flight in August:


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good news and bad news

Hi all,

so the bad news are, that I got my private pilot licence taken away 😦

But the good news is, that it got replaced with a COMMERCIAL pilot licence 🙂

So from now on I am allowed to fly mulit-engine airplanes and get paid for it.

Up next is either the commercial single-engine add-on or the sea-plane rating, we’ll see. But from now on it’s fun, whereas the last couple of days were really hard work.

Maybe I’ll upload a few new pics or even videos soon.

‘Till then, take care.

Talk to you soon.

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Hey everyone,

now that I gained over 200 hours of flight time and that are only six weeks remaining, I started with the flight training for the commercial licence and the multi-engine rating.
Training isn’t very different form the that for the private pilot licence. Your doing steep turns (though with a higher bank angle), power off stalls and power on stalls. BUT the emergency procedures are completely different. While in a single engine aircraft in case of engine failure you try to land the plane with the least possible damage, in a multi engine airplane you still have a second engine running if the other one quits. And due to the fact that the engines aren’t located on the aircrafts center line each engine produces a turning moment. If both engines are running the turning moments are compensating each other but if one engine fails the other one tries to turn the airplane which the pilot has to compensate for with the rudder. So first thing to do is maintain directional control; after that you can see whats wrong and if you have enough altitude you can try to restart it. That’S what makes multi-engine flying so different from flying single engine planes. And therefore while doing multi-engine training you spend a lot of time flying with just one engine and the other either with zero thrust setting or even completely shut down.
It’s challenging but also interesting and a whole lot of fun.

On monday I will take the written CPL exam to get that out of the way so I can focus exclusively on the flying.

Today I was riding in the back of the Seneca as passenger and I took a few photos and a video which I might upload next week or so. I have to see how the turn out.

So that’s all for today, talk to you next time.

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Ready for take off

So finally it’s all starting off.

Not only this blog is now launching after I was thinking about blogging for quite a long time, also my flight training for the commercial pilot licence will start in a few weeks.

So, this is the plan:

After looking around for the best way to go and the best place for doing the flight training I decided to go with a flight instructor in Florida, USA. I am going to do initial PPL  (which stands for Private pilot licence) and IR training (which means flying without visual reference to the terrain outside and trust only the instruments inside the cockpit) there. After passing the flight examination for PPL and IR I need to build quite a bit of flight time as there are 250 hours total flight time needed to continue with CPL (Commercial pilot Licence) training. But after finishing PPL and IR training I will only have somewhat over 100-120 hours. So I will still need another 130 hours or so. That will be done by renting a plane and just flying around after what I will continue with CPL training. I will do that in Florida again with the same flight instructor as the PPL and IR training. CPL training will be flown on multi engine aircraft so I can get the multi engine rating as well in one go.

So this is the plan for the next few months. Once I have the US CPL/IR/ME I will return to Europe and convert the US licence to a european one. For the theoretical part I consider attending the Bristol Groundschool. As for the practical part I’m not sure yet which flight school to choose. I’ll make that decision when it’s time to do so.

Right now I am making the final arrangements.

I will post the next blog entry either shortly before leaving germany or when I arrived in Florida.

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