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Hey everyone,

now that I gained over 200 hours of flight time and that are only six weeks remaining, I started with the flight training for the commercial licence and the multi-engine rating.
Training isn’t very different form the that for the private pilot licence. Your doing steep turns (though with a higher bank angle), power off stalls and power on stalls. BUT the emergency procedures are completely different. While in a single engine aircraft in case of engine failure you try to land the plane with the least possible damage, in a multi engine airplane you still have a second engine running if the other one quits. And due to the fact that the engines aren’t located on the aircrafts center line each engine produces a turning moment. If both engines are running the turning moments are compensating each other but if one engine fails the other one tries to turn the airplane which the pilot has to compensate for with the rudder. So first thing to do is maintain directional control; after that you can see whats wrong and if you have enough altitude you can try to restart it. That’S what makes multi-engine flying so different from flying single engine planes. And therefore while doing multi-engine training you spend a lot of time flying with just one engine and the other either with zero thrust setting or even completely shut down.
It’s challenging but also interesting and a whole lot of fun.

On monday I will take the written CPL exam to get that out of the way so I can focus exclusively on the flying.

Today I was riding in the back of the Seneca as passenger and I took a few photos and a video which I might upload next week or so. I have to see how the turn out.

So that’s all for today, talk to you next time.


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Final Destination: San Francisco

Hey all,
it took a while but here are the photos of our stop in San Francisco.
It’s a really nice city. So much atmosphere. Not like so many other US cities.
But photos speak mor than a thousand words so here we go:













lombard street

lombard street 2

lombard street 3


sail ship

street & alcatraz

golden gate

cable-car steep street

house at steep street

similar houses


golden gate sunset

golden gate bridge clouds


golden gate pylon


commodore center 1

commodore center 2

sausalito 2



sweet candy barrel 1

sweet candy barrel 2

cable car

large cable car

financial district cable car

financial district streetcar

triangle building


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One night in Vegas

Hi all,

like I promised here are the photos I’ve taken in Las Vegas.
Please keep in mind that these are only a few selected photos. I have taken dozens of pictures but obviously I can’t show them all here.
Enjoy and stay tuned for the upcoming photos from San Francisco.

Our humble accommodation














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About flying from one end of the United States to the other – part 4

Hi all,

well, I have good and bad news.
The good news is that we really made it to San Francisco. From Las Vegas we flew first a bit to the south to get around some terrain, then back on a westerly heading to the shoreline and then more or less following the Pacific shoreline all the way up to San Francisco. We parked the plane and checked in at a nearby hotel. The rest of that day we spent at the airport watching the planes come and go. The next day we planned to got to downtown San Francisco but as we just entered the train to SF I got a call that our plane was damaged during the night. So we left the train at the next stop, got back to the airport to have a look at our plane. And here are the bad news: we cannot fly home with it.
We spent three hours looking at the plane, talking to people making phone calls and writing emails to straighten things out.
Due to that we arrived in downtown SF not until late afternoon.
But we had a good evening in the city, spent the whole next they there too and are now about to leave for another day in San Francisco.
To Orlando we are getting back by airline as no one knows how long it will take to get the damage repaired.

What we’re gonna do back in Flagler, we don’t know yet. Without a plane to fly with we can’t go anywhere and I cannot continue building my flight time.
We’ll see how we solve that when we are back in Florida.

Until then I send my regards from San Francisco to anyone reading this.

PS: due to the trouble the last days I had no time to review my photos and edit them, so again no photos in this post. But I will post them as soon as I got the time for it.

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About flying from one end of the United States to the other – part 1

Hey all,

I’m writing to you from Dallas, Texas where we arrived after four hours of flight from New Orleans, Louisiana.
We left Flagler County on Sunday and made it from there all the way up to New Orleans which is a distance of about 500 nautical miles (~930km). We made a quick stop at Pensacola, Florida to get the plane filled up with fuel again.
Our final destination for that day was Lakefront Airport in New Orleans. We parked the plane on the ramp and took a cab to downtown New Orleans where we spent the night. Later that night we had a good thunderstorm closing in. The sky was enlightened by lightning for hours. Very impressive. I’ve never seen anything like this in europe.
This morning we left Lakefront Airport by early noon under blue skies heading towards Dallas where we landed four hours later.
Tomorrow we are going to fly to Phoenix, Arizona to visit a friend of ours.
Below are a few photos we took so far on our trip, hope you like it. Thanks to my cousin Jochen for allowing me to use them.


hardrock cafe 1

hardrock cafe 2

hardrock cafe 3

fire fighter








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A380 in EDDS


yesterday one of Lufthansa’s Airbus A380 gave us a quick visit at Stuttgart Airport. We heard about that just very late, so we were to late to se the landing. But we observed the take off from the parking lot in front of the General Aviation Terminal.
Weather wasn’t very nice but at least it didn’t rain that moment.








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Not so short update

Good morning folks,

to start at the beginning, my flight from Germany to Atlanta went fairly well. With just 9h30min it was not as long as it was supposed to be. But it was very bumpy every now and then.

The connecting flight to Orlando, FL didn’t went that good. We had two hours delay because of a aircraft change and they had to fill up catering which took ages. But the flight itself was fine. Just one hour of flight time with beautiful weather in Orlando. Bit of haze but not a cloud in the sky and the sun was just going down.

My flight instructor picked me up at the exit of the gate, we grabbed my bag and took the car to get from the domestic terminal to the general aviation parking area. We entered the Cessna C172S on which I’ll be doing most of my flight training and arrived at Flagler County Airport 45 minutes later.

It was a very long day for me so I finally just fell into bed.

The next day we flew to Daytona to get the fingerprints done for final TSA approval for my flight training. We had lunch there afterwards.

On our way back to flagler we did a bit of airwork. Climbs, descends, standard rate turns, flying just 500 feet above the atlantic ocean and trees at the shore and stuff like that.

Later that day we visited St.Augustine which is a nice little city with cute little houses near the waterfront and we had dinner in a nice irish Pub at night.

The weather here in central Florida is really nice. It’s warm and the sun is shining all day long. Today are two flights on schedule for practicing steep turns and slow flight.

That’s it from me so far. You guys enjoy your weekend and I’ll speak to you soon.

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