Hi everyone and welcome to my Blog.

On this blog I will share some of my flying experience and training on my way to commercial pilot.

I will update it regularly as there are new experiences to tell and pictures/videos to share. As there are a lot of technical terms and acronyms feel free to ask if you get lost.

Just a few thing about me and this blog:

I am from the region of south-western germany. I’m 22 and  aviation is my hobby for more than 12 years now. It all started when I got my first rc-plane. From rc-flying my interests expanded to general aviation and finally to business aviation and the large airliners.

After finishing  school I chose working as a commercial pilot to be the right job for me. And that is what I’m going to do now and blog about.

So why blogging you ask?

Mainly it’s purpose is to keep my family and friends at home up to date about my flight training and life beside flying. Of course everyone else is invited to read here, too. Especially if you are interested in aviation or want to know what learning to fly is about you might want to check this blog for updates every now and then as this is just what I’m going to write about.

Enjoy reading and check back soon.

PS: please excuse for any linguistical mistakes. English is not my native language and I’m not very used to writing. I do belive that my english is quite OK but I will make a few mistakes anyway. Sorry for that. I hope it improves with the time.