Soo much stuff to learn

Okay, I haven’t been posting in a long time. But I have a fairly good excuse for that: I’ve been studying for the european Airline transport Pilot licence. And that’s alot of stuff to learn.
So the last months I spent with reading manuals, filling out mass & balance sheets, planning virtual intercontinental flights, understanding global weather, figuring out gyro instruments, convergence factor and chart convergency, learned how a lack of oxygen affects the human body and how to talk on the radios.
And after I finished all that I went to england for two weeks of revision course at the flight school and learned that all the work I did was nothing compared to the amount of work I needed to do in those two weeks. Lessons started at 9 am and lasted ’till 5pm (with a few short breaks in between and one longer lunch break). And after we got home we had supper followed by several hours studying the materials we got in class. Some people studied untill early morning, for me it was usually 10 to 11pm when I called it a day.
It’s like learning everything you learned in highschool over several years within two weeks. It really was hard labour. But because of that, because you are using all the knowledge again and again it is highly efficient and after the course you are up to speed on everything. And because you usually take the exams right the following week all the knowledge is “fresh” and most people don’t have too much problems with ’em.
So that’s what I was doing the last days, weeks and months and it paid off. Today I got the results and I passed everything first time with an average score of 94%.
But I’m not done yet. These were only 8 out of 15 separate exams. Fun subjects such as airlaw, operational procedures and radio navigation are still to come. I hope to get that done by november/december so I have some more months of studying lying in front of me.
But because no-one can study so much without any break I will be heading to Florida again in august to get some flight time in and renew my IFR.
So until then there won’t be any updates here, I think. But when I’m in FL I will take lots of pictures and videos again (the videos I took last time almost all fell victim to a crash of my laptop).

The following pictures are from my flights to/from London.

My ride to london



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2 responses to “Soo much stuff to learn

  1. I know I’m a bit late to comment on this but congratulations, all the hard work paid off! Enjoy Florida and good luck with the remaining ATPL exams.

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