About flying from one end of the United States to the other – part 4

Hi all,

well, I have good and bad news.
The good news is that we really made it to San Francisco. From Las Vegas we flew first a bit to the south to get around some terrain, then back on a westerly heading to the shoreline and then more or less following the Pacific shoreline all the way up to San Francisco. We parked the plane and checked in at a nearby hotel. The rest of that day we spent at the airport watching the planes come and go. The next day we planned to got to downtown San Francisco but as we just entered the train to SF I got a call that our plane was damaged during the night. So we left the train at the next stop, got back to the airport to have a look at our plane. And here are the bad news: we cannot fly home with it.
We spent three hours looking at the plane, talking to people making phone calls and writing emails to straighten things out.
Due to that we arrived in downtown SF not until late afternoon.
But we had a good evening in the city, spent the whole next they there too and are now about to leave for another day in San Francisco.
To Orlando we are getting back by airline as no one knows how long it will take to get the damage repaired.

What we’re gonna do back in Flagler, we don’t know yet. Without a plane to fly with we can’t go anywhere and I cannot continue building my flight time.
We’ll see how we solve that when we are back in Florida.

Until then I send my regards from San Francisco to anyone reading this.

PS: due to the trouble the last days I had no time to review my photos and edit them, so again no photos in this post. But I will post them as soon as I got the time for it.


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One response to “About flying from one end of the United States to the other – part 4

  1. Sorry about the damage. I’ll be back to see the photos, though!

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