About flying from one end of the United States to the other – part 2

Hi folks,

today I’m writing from Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, that’s right, we flew from Dallas all the way up to Phoenix in just one day. Within eight hours to be exactly. We took of from Fort Worth Spinks at 8AM local time and flew the first leg to Carlsbad, New Mexico where we stopped to get the tanks filled up again.
From there on the real fun began. We filed an IFR flight plan to Tucson, Arizona and just a few minutes after departure we got swallowed by the clouds. During our climb to 10.000feet altitude we passed several rain shower and the following two hours were a very interesting experience and a good opportunity to practice the procedures I’ve learned during my IFR training. Once we’ve passed Deming we had the worst weather behind us and the following miles we just passed some more thunderstorms and showers but were clear of clouds almost all the time.
In Tucson we took a few more gallons of fuel and continued for one more hour to Phoenix, Arizona. After 8 hours of flight time, two of which were IFR, and 800 nautical miles (~1500km) distance we landed safely at Goodyear airport and parked our plane right next to the planes Lufthansa is using for their initial flight training.
Tomorrow we will see how we continue our trip.






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