About flying from one end of the United States to the other – part 1

Hey all,

I’m writing to you from Dallas, Texas where we arrived after four hours of flight from New Orleans, Louisiana.
We left Flagler County on Sunday and made it from there all the way up to New Orleans which is a distance of about 500 nautical miles (~930km). We made a quick stop at Pensacola, Florida to get the plane filled up with fuel again.
Our final destination for that day was Lakefront Airport in New Orleans. We parked the plane on the ramp and took a cab to downtown New Orleans where we spent the night. Later that night we had a good thunderstorm closing in. The sky was enlightened by lightning for hours. Very impressive. I’ve never seen anything like this in europe.
This morning we left Lakefront Airport by early noon under blue skies heading towards Dallas where we landed four hours later.
Tomorrow we are going to fly to Phoenix, Arizona to visit a friend of ours.
Below are a few photos we took so far on our trip, hope you like it. Thanks to my cousin Jochen for allowing me to use them.


hardrock cafe 1

hardrock cafe 2

hardrock cafe 3

fire fighter









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2 responses to “About flying from one end of the United States to the other – part 1

  1. Susan Roirdon

    These pictures are fantastic. Be prepared for the heat in Phoenix. Thank you for sharing.

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