Lunch in Savannah

Hi all,

a lot of flying was going on the last couple of days. Most of it longer trips as I need to build cross-country PIC (Pilot in command) time and some hood time. Hood time means I’m flying with limited vision. I cannot look out of the window for outside reference but only focus on the instruments as I would when flying in clouds.

So for that purpose my instructor and me were flying to Savannah, Georgia, th other day. I have no pics of the flight itself as I was not allowed to look out of the window and I was busy with flying the plane. But I have pictures from Savannah which I want to share with you.
As we landed in Savannah there were a squadron of F-18 parked at the general aviation terminal.

We got a crew car, as they call it. It’s a car you can get from the FBO for free (!!). So we drove to downtown Savannah to look for some place to have lunch at.
driving to savannah

After we had lunch in a little fish restaurant we walked along river street which is the old part of Savannah.






Afterwards we went back to the airport. On the other side of the Airport just across the runways is Gulfstream located. Gulfstream is a manufacturer of noble Businessjets. The new Gulfstream G650 is currently the fastest civil airplane in the world. It’s maximum cruising speed is 92,5% of the speed of sound.
gulfstream facility

On our way to the runway I saw this FedEx B727 awaiting its next flight.
FedEx B727

And just before we got our takeoff clearance this Gulfstream G500 departed from the same runwayscuba diving.
GV G500

GV G500_2

That’s it for now. Hope you like the photos and you can leave a comment if you would like to.

I have more photos from the last days trips but I need a more time to prepare them and besides that I have IFR stuff to study.

Talk to you soon.


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