3 weeks from zero to private pilot

Hi everybody,

i just passed my practical examination for the private pilot licence!!!

The oral went quite well and the flight test was good,too. Even though the weather was not very good (low clouds and isolated rain showers) my examiner and my went out to get it done. We had to go above the clouds for the upper airwork, which was the first time for my flying above the clouds. But it went all well and I passed without any major problems.

As soon as the weather gets better again we will start with IFR training, but for now I’m happy that I passed the practical exam.

Stay tuned for future updates about my experiences in american airspaces.

Talk to you soon.



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2 responses to “3 weeks from zero to private pilot

  1. Monika Richter

    Hi Joachim,

    congratulations for your successful passing the practical examinations! Today was my first visit on your blog, very interesting! I’m curious about further reports and photos.

    Best wishes, and see you soon!

    Monika in Hannover

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