A short update

Hi guys,

just a short update for you. I arrived yesterday night at about 10pm at Flagler County Airport which is my home base for my flight training the next weeks. Had the first introductory flight today. We flew to Daytona for the fingerprints which are required for the final TSA approval for flight training.

I will write in more detail tomorrow or so when I have my own Laptop with me and more time to write. Photos will follow soon, I hope.

Till then, have a nice day and always keep the blue side up 🙂



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3 responses to “A short update

  1. Benni


    Wie läufts bzw fliegts so?
    Versteh ich das richtig, dass damit der künstliche Horizont gemeint ist? oder wovon the blue side?

    lg Benni

  2. Benni

    Na dann wünsch ich weiterhin viel Erfolg und always three greens, auch wenn du die jetzt in der Cessna erstmal nicht brauchen wirst:-)

    lg Benni

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