Ready for take off

So finally it’s all starting off.

Not only this blog is now launching after I was thinking about blogging for quite a long time, also my flight training for the commercial pilot licence will start in a few weeks.

So, this is the plan:

After looking around for the best way to go and the best place for doing the flight training I decided to go with a flight instructor in Florida, USA. I am going to do initial PPL  (which stands for Private pilot licence) and IR training (which means flying without visual reference to the terrain outside and trust only the instruments inside the cockpit) there. After passing the flight examination for PPL and IR I need to build quite a bit of flight time as there are 250 hours total flight time needed to continue with CPL (Commercial pilot Licence) training. But after finishing PPL and IR training I will only have somewhat over 100-120 hours. So I will still need another 130 hours or so. That will be done by renting a plane and just flying around after what I will continue with CPL training. I will do that in Florida again with the same flight instructor as the PPL and IR training. CPL training will be flown on multi engine aircraft so I can get the multi engine rating as well in one go.

So this is the plan for the next few months. Once I have the US CPL/IR/ME I will return to Europe and convert the US licence to a european one. For the theoretical part I consider attending the Bristol Groundschool. As for the practical part I’m not sure yet which flight school to choose. I’ll make that decision when it’s time to do so.

Right now I am making the final arrangements.

I will post the next blog entry either shortly before leaving germany or when I arrived in Florida.

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